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Biggest Scandals In Sport Gambling history

11 scandals you might know or not – in sports gambling history

Scandals are associated with almost all the industries of the entire globe, whether it is the fashion industry, entertainment industry, sports industry or any other.

And when we talk about the sports industry, it’s not possible that some part of gambling is not involved. Gambling contributes a role in sports betting world and of course, scandals, and controversial stories relate to it.

There are hundreds of scandals related to gambling industry reports every year, the supreme court released the ban over sports betting, and the gamblers find it as a golden opportunity. Here are some of the famous and massive scandals of the sports gambling industry discussed below:



Former baseball player and manager of Reds. He gambled in his management and got 40 years suspended as a result. He was known as the king of betting, and after 15 years of his hidden betting career, he got caught and had to admit the crime in 1989.



The Chicago White Sox had made it to the finals against Reds back in 1919. Playing in the finals of the world series is not a piece of cake, it was something huge, so the players wanted to pay them well.

But after some fail negotiations, they were divided into two groups the clean Sox and the Black Sox. All the eight players of the team mutually set up the strategy to lose the game for money. This was a massive scandal, and all the eight players got charged for this.



April 11, 2011, known as the most important day for online casinos, this big scandal turned out to be an excellent outcome for the poker world. It cost a handsome amount of around $ 750 million for the settlement of their case filed the justice court.


4.  FLOYD MAYWEATHER Jr. (Aka Money):

A famed professional boxer from the U.S earned a lot from gambling too, and he placed his first bet of $45,000, then once his scandal got the fame and went viral. It cost him a significant loss but not that big as compared to his earnings from this gambling world.



Umpires and referees are responsible for a fair smooth game, but not everyone understands this critical responsibility. Tim Donaghy did the same in all the games of NBA 2007. He was under FBI investigation and admitted for $30,000 he did this. He got punished for 15 months and a lifetime ban.



A retired professional basketball player and a compulsive gambler. He admitted the loss of $ 2.5 million in sports betting.



A famous ESPN host, commentator and a sports gambler. He is a magical predictor and bettor in the world of football. He was running his betting business undercover, but later got caught, and his scandal went viral because of his popularity as a host.


8. RJ BELL (The Host Scandal):

Owner of, an ESPN host RJ Bell is also well known in basketball betting. He is the same case as Teddy Covers, and he shares the same platform. He was betting for years and got success in keeping this business hidden, but for a short period. His scandal came out in the light, and he faced some suspension issues.



Boston College in back 1979 participated in a basketball game and suffered a tremendous historical scandal by losing the game because of the gambling behind.


10. RON HARRIS (Online Casinos Scandal):

He was the man behind all the computer hacks in the online casino gaming world. Harris was super talented and expert in the skills related to computer.

He played with his skills through many online casinos and made a handsome amount of money from that. This scandal got famous because of the new techniques and skills involved.



Last but not the least, in February 1951, seven players were arrested on charges of fixing a basketball game which even includes stars on CCNY Championship.

On investigating it revealed the involvement of famous universities and colleges. After that until 1982, no tournament was scheduled in New York City.


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