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FT Scores – the only Live Scores website you need

When betting on soccer, you need a reliable Live Scores website to refer to, which is why here at Betting Expert, we recommend FT Scores. FT Scores is an all-encompassing soccer scores and statistics website that provides all of the services you need to stay on top of soccer betting...

Gambling's biggest scandals
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Biggest Scandals In Sport Gambling history

Scandals are associated with almost all the industries of the entire globe, whether it is the fashion industry, entertainment industry, sports industry or any other. And when we talk about the sports industry, it's not possible that some part of gambling is not involved. Gambling contributes a role in sports...

Newbie? Get good at sports betting and earn more!
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Get Good At Sports Betting

Luck plays a significant role in sports betting. So no matter how good you are in keeping records, how good you are predicting the winner and no matter how much information you have about your sports, luck can always come in your way and destroy your form. But they say...

Who is the most successful sports bettor
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The Most Successful Sports Bettors

Sports betting is a gambling business of predicting game results and placing bets involving money. Sports betting can be done in almost every game; like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, skating, tennis,  cycling, martial arts, boxing, car racing, etc. Some of the countries have legalized sports betting. Football is...