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Top 5 managers in the EPL history

Ever since the English Premier League began, many managers have made their appearance as the most potential players. These managers were some of the most renowned footballers of all time. They not only made headlines with their skills but also helped to make football one of the greatest games of all time.

Every club had its share, and each manager showed their skills on the field. Several managers outshone others and made their mark on the field. Their capability made them stick to the ground and lead their team to win the trophy. However, the English Premier League has witnessed managers who have brought a whole new dimension of success.

Some prominent managers that made their mark in the EPL history include:


Kenny Dalglish

If you have been following Liverpool for a long time, you already know who this man is. He has been one of the most skilled and famous managers. Dalglish soon quit Liverpool only to join Blackburn Rovers. Rovers in their Division two-stage welcomed Dalglish wholeheartedly. Under Dalglish’s guidance, Rovers made their way to the league title. However, Dalglish did return to Liverpool in 2011 and continued the term till 2012.


Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino played a vital role in Tottenham’s success. Under his guidance did Tottenham managed to stay ahead of some of the big football clubs. He had also made his mark in the South Hampton. Pochettino was an Argentine international player but did gain an immense reputation as a manager. Pochettino gave way to a lot of young kids in the EPL such as Danny Rose, Harry Kane, and more.


Sam Allardyce

Many fans aren’t satisfied, but he is one those who single-handedly managed seven different clubs for EPL. Sam has had one of the longest managerial careers in EPL. However, the only regret is that Sam never got the opportunity to lead those big clubs. Hence there are no titles or trophies under his name. Sam has led some of the famous clubs like Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Sunderland and more. In his managerial career, he led more than 500 games, winning 174 and losing 200 of them.


Harry Redknapp

In his 35-year-long football management career, Redknapp undoubtedly stands to be one of the best managers. He managed more than 600 matches, making him one of those managers who led the greatest number of games. Under the leadership of Redknapp, Portsmouth brought in FA Cup in 2008. Also, not to forget, but Tottenham was in the top five for three consecutive years under his guidance. Redknapp is exceptionally famous for his skills to motivate the players.


Claudio Ranieri

All the Leicester City fans, brace yourselves because Ranieri is the best manager you’ve ever had. Under his guidance did Leicester City win Premier League title in 2015-15. He had also managed a big club such as Chelsea from 2000 to 2004. Ranieri has fought all the odds to bring the titles home. Moreover, compared to all, he has one of the most interesting CVs. The sole reason so that he was the manager of top clubs like Spain, France, and Italy.

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