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Where can I find the betting odds for verifiedbets tipsters?

If you’re even remotely serious about betting, tracking odds is one of your foremost priorities to gain an advantage over bookies, and always – always find the best odds for your chosen bets, no matter which sport or competition we’re talking about.

People used to have dozens of tabs opened, searching through each sports bookie individually, looking for the best odds for his desired bets, making calculations, combinations, writing it down, analyzing – everything to find the best odds.

That’s all in the past now.

Verified Bets is one of the most popular tipsters websites you’ll find on the Internet.

No more searching, scraping, hard manual labor – everything is laid out for you in a perfect way so you won’t ever have to leave Verified Bets with odds and betting.

The good thing about Verified Bets – and the one that puts them above the competition – is the website’s simplicity and ease of use even for the novice users. As soon as you open Verified Bets, you’ll see the list of tipsters with their seven-day performance. This includes the odds of their tips. It automatically calculates those are automatically based on the tipster’s previous tips and their record in the given period.

Are you looking for something more than a seven-day run from a tipster? Say no more! You can easily switch between 7-day performance, 30-day performance, or even all-time performance based on your preferences. Some users prefer consistency over all else, so those would use all-time performance to gauge tipster’s value. The others, perhaps, recent value-form above all else, so they would use 30-days or 7-days performance based on their wishes.

If you’re all about odds, you can even sort all tipsters by odds, meaning that Verified Bets will list all the tipsters only based on the highest odds, meaning that those with the biggest odds come out on top.


If you’re looking for simplicity, Verified Bets has that, too.

You can easily click on the “Today Tips” tab and see the latest hit and miss ratio for all tipsters available on the list. 

Every tipster listed on Verified Bets has their stats, which could show you all you need to know about their tipping strategies. Total verified tips, the total win tips, average stakes, and – total profits, you have it all on the tipster’s page where you can see a bunch of other parameters, too, and their latest tips and the outcome of the prediction.

One thing you’ll find useful on Verified Bets is their blog section. A ton of various betting advice, not only limited to guides to choosing the right pick but also wrote in a way that you understand some enhanced ideas about betting, and realize how it all works from inside-out to gain an unimaginable advantage over bookies.

Verified Bets is a go-to spot for all your tipping needs, and you’ll likely want to stay on the website once you give it a shot.

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