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Which Is The Best Betting Tips Site?

Which Is The Best Betting Tips Site

The popularity of tipster websites has increased in the past few years. Many punters depend on advice from these tipsters to decide what bets to place a wager on. By offering a host of betting tips that are relevant, accurate and result-oriented, tipster websites help punters gain an advantage when placing a bet.

Why Are Tipster Websites Important?

The key to winning in soccer betting is experience and a thorough knowledge of the game. Punters who have just started might have a fair bit of knowledge about the game, but they lack experience. Thus, betting tips available from these tipsters help them win and encourage them to stay in the game. Today betting tips offered by these tipster websites offer them great value as the dynamics of the match keep changing every day and football statistics change overnight.



Which Is The Best Tipster Website Today?

With numerous websites congesting the internet, it might seem difficult to choose the best tipster website. But some websites hardly ever work hard to gain the right statistics or insights into an upcoming match. They might just copy from quality websites that are free and display them on their website. To avoid such websites and ensure that punters get relevant and accurate today betting tips, below is given a list of the top 5 websites that punters can opt for.

  • Bettorclub: A free platform that offers exclusive predictions, statistics and odds based on scientific data and calculations. Football Predictions are updated weekly and include probabilities for all global major football leagues. This website is extremely popular with punters.
  • Betfame: Considered an infallible resource for football analytics, this website keeps a record of every transfer that takes place across the world. They are known for their breakdown of team and player statistics. The analysis offered is not just for the current season but also the seasons gone by. Thus, it becomes easy for punters to gain accurate performance data from here.
  • They are famous for the extensive courage they provide for the multitude of football tournaments and leagues taking place across the world. Additionally, they assign experts based on expertise to analyse team and game statistics and come up with predictions for the different events. These experts draw up conclusive predictions based on season guide preview, season review, match preview and match reports.
  • This is the most user-friendly tipster website available on the internet. It maintains an awesome database, something that most experienced punters swear by. The data is also very comprehensive and inclusive and covers all aspects of the game of soccer. To make it easier for punters, this website also offers various stats regarding different betting categories and sub-categories.
  • The presence of a completely infallible database makes this website an excellent source of information for punters. They maintain a unique statistical algorithm that is based on raw statistics used to calculate outcomes when the play is in progress. Thus, they also offer live and real-time today betting tips that are most effective and conducive to winning.

How Are The Tipster Websites Chosen To Be The Top 5?

Several factors determine the choice of the top 5 tipster website. Some of these include:

  • Safety and reliability: The internet is filled with tipsters waiting to dupe unsuspecting punters. Thus, this is the first factored that is considered when selecting the best tipster websites.
  • Payment and withdrawal: The more options offered, the better it is for the punter. The payment and withdrawal process should also be simple and straightforward to make it easy for the punter. The safety of the payment and withdrawal methods is also considered on priority.
  • Licensing: The tipster website should also be licenced to operate in the US, UK or other countries. Only genuine tipsters go through the hassle of acquiring the same.
  • Coverage: The number of soccer tournaments and leagues that they offer support for is another criterion that is considered.
  • Betting options available: The tipsters should provide statistics-based tips for all possible events associated with betting in an upcoming soccer match.

While the choice of the best football tipster is also dependent on personal choice, some tipster websites like have universal appeal. The comfort of the punter with the tips provided should always be the deciding factor in their selection.

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